B & W Postcard (front) DCLA/RDFA.01.08.052 sent to Monica Roberts

Text describes image: 'ALBERT. A. Albert, le Vampire Germanique détruit tout sur son passage autant par l'incendie que par le canon.;1914-15 Villes en pleurs [Translation: A.Albert, the German vampire destroys everything in his path using equally fire and canon.] Transcription on


Colour Slip DCLA/RDFA1.09.048 sent to Monica Rob

Caption: Bluebells on left & Large White Butterfly on right. Transcriptionon rear: [top half] W. Driver De Combe, 11th Brigade, 19 letters Bottom half written: 2nd RDF, Pte J May, 8069 x on [?] F/F [?] B.[?] Grumble [?] 6/7/15


Photograph Munitions workers Inchicore

Photograph of Elizabeth 'Queenie' Gunning with several other women, taken at a Munitions Factory, near St. Mary's Terrace in Inchicore, Dublin.

Paramilitary forces--Cumann na mBan | Curated Collection--Dublin Collection Day Dec. 09 2015 | Ireland--History--Easter Rising, 1916


Father Sebastian O'Brien's crucifix

A crucifix belonging to Father Sebastian O'Brien, given to the donor's grandfather Patrick Canice Kenny when he was an altar boy in Church Street Church, Dublin. Mr. Kenny passed the crucifix to his family in the 1980s in an envelope with handwritten descriptions of the object

Ireland--History--Easter Rising, 1916 | Capuchin Franciscans | Plunkett, Joseph Mary (1887–1916)