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Irish Orchestral Music - a selected list

A selection of orchestral works by Irish composers from the collections of the Contemporary Music Centre. With the earliest work dating from 1933, and the most recent dating from 2013, the collection provides an insight into the development of Irish orchestral music over the past

Contemporary Music Centre

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Letters of 1916: A Year in a Life

The Letters of 1916 project is the first public humanities project in Ireland. It is creating a crowd-sourced digital collection of letters written around the time of the Easter Rising. Our collection spans over 2000 letters relating to various topics, including literature and ar

Maynooth University

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Magdalene Oral History collection

Collection of interview transcripts and audio recordings from the research project Magdalene Institutions: Recording an Oral and Archival History that was led by Dr Katherine O'Donnell, Director of the Women's Studies Centre at University College Dublin. The project was a Governm

Irish Qualitative Data Archive

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Women's Experiences of Labiaplasty

'Sisters are Doin’ it for Themselves: A Phenomenological Inquiry into the Experience of Labiaplasty' was a doctoral research project conducted at University College Dublin (UCD) from 2013-2017. It was funded by the Irish Research Council Government of Ireland 2015 Postgraduate Sc

Irish Qualitative Data Archive

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