Letter from Helen Duffin to Celia Duffin, 22 December 1915

This letter is part of a rich correspondence between various members of the Duffin family, a large prosperous family living in Strandtown, Belfast. Several family members served in the war, including Major Terence Duffin, who served as a staff officer with 107 Brigade, and later

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Circular letter from Micheál Ó Duibhguin, November 1915

A typed circular letter signed by Micheál Ó Duibhguin, Secretary of Cumann na bPíobairí, requesting financial contributions for the family of Brigid Kenny (d. 1915), known as the 'Queen of Irish Fiddlers' as Kenny's long illness and funeral expenses left her family in debt. Ó Dui

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