The Holy Well

The large canvas depicts Ireland's Celtic heritage with sardonic eye and is anti-romantic comment on the fanciful idealisation of western peasant culture. He bases his scene on the old practice when, on 'pattern days', people would gather to pray at a holy site associated with a

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Killary, near the Mouth of the Bundoracha River, Co. Galway.

This richly coloured watercolour is part of a portfolio of 43 sheets entitled 'Studies in Cunnemara [sic] County Galway'. A number of the studies were engraved as black and white illustrations in Mr and Mrs Samuel C. Hall's lavish guide book, Ireland: its Scenery, Charact

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The Monster Meeting at Clifden in 1843

Daniel O'Connell, M.P., (1775-1847), who campaigned for Catholic Emancipation, addressing his supporters at "The Monster Meeting of the 20th September 1843 at Clifden", County Galway, Ireland.

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