Travels through time by Dáire O’Rourke

This paper provides sets the context within which archaeological works were taking place on national road schemes, and provides an overview of some of the key archaeological discoveries from national road scheme projects.

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Two Neolithic structures in Granny townland, Co. Kilkenny by Joanne Hughes

Pre-construction archaeological testing on the proposed N25 Waterford City Bypass identified an area of high archaeological potential in the form of pits, possible post-holes, burnt mound type material and a flint scraper in Granny townland, County Kilkenny. This work was comm

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Bronze Age Ballybrowney, Co. Cork by Eamonn Cotter

The Bronze Age site at Ballybrowney Lower1 is one of the more notable archaeological discoveries made in County Cork in recent years. It represents a tantalising, if incomplete, insight into the lives of a small Bronze Age agricultural community. Evidence from archaeological e

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The M3 Clonee to North of Kells Road Scheme, County Meath

In recent years, there has been much public and media debate over the perceived impact of the planned M3 Clonee to North of Kells Road Scheme on the Hill of Tara—the internationally famous archaeological complex situated on this hilltop in County Meath. However, less well

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