Shannon Series Painting.

Oil on Paper, 44 x 74 cm, Though Camille Souter’s usually small scale paintings appear abstract they are firmly based within reality and the everyday. This depiction of a plane on the runway of Shannon airport is one of a series of works the artist produced from the late 19

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The Irish Coast.

Oil on Canvas. 99 x 124 cm, In 'The Irish Coast' Stephen McKenna combines classical and academic approaches to painting with the great 17th century Dutch tradition of marine painting, to comment on a very contemporary, yet universal subject. Painted in 1981 during the heigh

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16 mm Bolex transferred to DVD, Shot in Connemara in 1962 while he was a student at Yale, this is Michael Craig-Martin’s only film to date. It captures the essence of the landscape in a style that would colour the rest of his career. The seemingly basic approach echoes the

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