Textile designer Jenny Trigwell at work in studio

From attached caption: ''Textile designer at work in studio. For further information, please contact: Kilkenny Design Workshops, Kilkenny. Ireland. Telephone: 22118. Telex: 8727 KDW EI.'' Verso: caption plus [sticker] PDI, Photograph, Pieterse Davison International Ltd., 101 Lowe

Design in Ireland

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Jenny Trigwell in design studio

Designer Jenny Trigwell working on a pattern in the textiles department of Kilkenny Design Workshops. From attached caption: ''Companies now in existence have refined themselves to certain areas - they service themselves. If they want to produce something completely different - f

Design in Ireland

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Woven textiles

Woven textiles. Verso: [caption] Item: Designed by: Kilkenny Design Workshops. Manufactured by: Price [handwritten] 1. Background check design no longer in production; was produced by Clayton. 2. Stripe place mat was produced by Greenmount & Boyne; no longer in prod. 3. Napkins w

Weave Design in Ireland Textiles

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Floor rugs

Floor rugs designed by Jenny Trigwell.

Rug Design in Ireland Textiles

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Close-up of curtains and table lamp. Verso: [handwritten] Old design. Out of production. 1007/7.

Curtains Lamp Design in Ireland Textiles

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Curtaining material

From attached caption: ''21 K 65 - 2. Kilkenny Design Workshops Limited. A close-up photograph of a piece of curtaining material in natural unbleached linen. It was designed and prototyped on a handloom for volume production by machine at Kilkenny Design Workshops Limited, Irelan

Linen Curtains Design in Ireland Textiles

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From attached caption: "Ireland '66 Design Competition. Award-winning carpet, designed by J. Thomson Short. Verso: caption plus [imprinted] Lensmen. Lensmen Limited Lensmen House Essex St E Dublin 2 Ireland. Picture No. C760/4048.

Carpets Design awards Design in Ireland Textiles

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Bedspread in a room setting

Bedspread in a room setting. Marked "No reproduction fee" on back of print. Image of bedroom display with bedspread. Verso: [handwritten] Irish Tapestry Co. 29.

Design in Ireland Bedspread Textiles

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