Anti-Amendment Campaign

Campaign to oppose the proposed amendment to the Irish Constitution in 1983 (referendum which led to the insertion of the Eight Amendment of the Constitution banning abortion in Ireland - this amendment was repealed in 2018)

Cork LGBT Archive

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1982 National Gay Conference

Following the success of the first National Gay Conference in Cork in 1981, a second National Gay Conference was held in Trinity College Dublin 18-20 June 1982.

Cork LGBT Archive

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Out For Ourselves

In 1986 Out For Ourselves: The Lives of Irish Lesbian and Gay Men was produced by the Dublin Lesbian and Gay Men's Collectives and Women's Community Press. It was one of the first Irish produced and written publications detailing the lives and experiences of lesbian and gay men i

Cork LGBT Archive

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Border Roads to Memories and Reconciliation

This project worked with young people from both sides of the community and the border in the Counties of Cavan, Monaghan and Fermanagh. Through a series of workshops, storytelling and shared learning, the participants gain an awareness of the impact a ‘hard border’ had on com

Monaghan County Council

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Farmers and Relational Sustainability

Interviews conducted using the Biogaphic Narrative Interpretive Method on the topic of relational sustainability in Ireland. The interviews explored the experiences of farmers, fishers and rural dwellers of relationships in their communities: relationships between people; between

Irish Qualitative Data Archive

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Farmers and their inventions

‘From Knowledge to Invention: exploring user innovation in Irish agriculture’ was a successful doctoral research project conducted at The Open University (UK) from 2012-2016 with funding from Teagasc’s Walsh Fellowship Scheme. The study explored the processes and motivators of fa

Irish Qualitative Data Archive

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2. Archaeological Geophysical Reports

This collection consists of unpublished archaeo-geophysical reports generated in the course of national road and public transport schemes under the auspices of TII. These archaeo-geophysical reports were often undertaken in compliance with the planning conditions for the schem

Transport Infrastructure Ireland (TII)

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Knowth excavation archive

This archive will contain the original excavation reports, drawings, photographs and other specialist research from the modern programme of excavations that began at Knowth in June 1962 and that has gone in to making the publication of the Excavations at Knowth series of monograp

Royal Irish Academy

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Excavations at Knowth: Publications

The Neolithic passage tombs at Knowth, Co. Meath, date to approximately 3,200BC. The site, consisting of one large tumulus (the Great Mound) and 20 smaller satellite tombs, is older than the Egyptian pyramids; older than Stonehenge. Overall, Knowth has had a history, though not c

Royal Irish Academy

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