Carved flint macehead, Eastern tomb chamber, Knowth

Maesmawr-type ovoid flint macehead, with cylindrical perforation towards narrow end. All six surfaces are decorated. Discovered in the right-hand recess of the chamber of Knowth Tomb 1B East.

Archaeology Artefacts

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Clay pendants, Tomb 1B East, Knowth

Collection of pestle- and ovoid-macehead clay pendants, recovered from the left-hand recess of the chamber of Tomb 1B East, Knowth.

Archaeology Artefacts Personal ornamentation

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Sherd of Carrowkeel ware

Sherd of Carrowkeel ware, with outer surface decorated with two parallel lines formed by stag-and-drag ornament, applied by a left-handed person. Discovered in the right-hand recess of chamber of Tomb 1B East, Knowth.

Archaeology Artefacts Ceramics

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Knowth under excavation

Knowth passage tombs under excavation, view from north, with excavation cuttings visible.

Archaeology Excavation Passage tomb

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Excavations at Knowth vol. 6

This volume presents the archaeological history of the achievements of the passage tomb builders who constructed and used the Great Mound (Tomb 1) at Knowth over a period of at least three centuries, c. 3200–2900 BC. It explores tomb morphology, the method of construction of Tomb

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