Reading 'The Nation'

A group outside a church listening to a man reading the latest news in 'The Nation'.

A Sense of Freedom | The Nation | Manners and customs


News of the Land League

Peasants outside an inn listening to a man reading the latest news about the Land League.

A Sense of Freedom | History | Land League (Ireland)


Ireland with the Repeal

This work is part of a set. The first picture, Ireland without the Repeal, represents a poverty stricken group around O'Connell outside the Four Courts. This second picture, Ireland with the Repeal, shows O'Connell in a coach and two horses gaily driving through a village with a

A Sense of Freedom | O'Connell, Daniel, 1775-1847 | Repeal movement (Ireland), 1810-1847


The Song of the Mad Prince

Clarke was a leading exponent of the Celtic Revival and of the Irish Arts and Crafts movement at the beginning of the 20th century. Attracted by the artistic language of the Symbolists, he created in that style innumerable beautiful images derived from literature, medieval legend

A Sense of Identity | De la Mare, Walter, 1873-1956 | Mad Prince


'In Mystery the Soul Abides'

Sheppard was a major figure in Irish sculpture in the early twentieth century. In this sensitively-modelled marble a young girl curls her body elegantly around her raised knees. She leans her head on one hand, her loosely splayed fingers touching her shoulder. Gazing into the dis

A Sense of Identity | Arts | Young girls


The Holy Well

The large canvas depicts Ireland's Celtic heritage with sardonic eye and is anti-romantic comment on the fanciful idealisation of western peasant culture. He bases his scene on the old practice when, on 'pattern days', people would gather to pray at a holy site associated with a

A Sense of Identity | Celtic Revival | The West


A Spirit or Sidhe in a Landscape

This work is part of a series of murals painted for a room in Plunkett House, 84 Merrion Square Dublin

A Sense of Identity | Spirits | Mythology


Killary, near the Mouth of the Bundoracha River, Co. Galway.

This richly coloured watercolour is part of a portfolio of 43 sheets entitled 'Studies in Cunnemara [sic] County Galway'. A number of the studies were engraved as black and white illustrations in Mr and Mrs Samuel C. Hall's lavish guide book, Ireland: its Scenery, Charact

A Sense of Place | The West | Manners and customs


The 16th, 17th (St Patrick's Day), and 18th March

The 16th, 17th (St Patrick's Day) and 18th March comprises cameos (dancing, lovers' trysts, music making, storytelling, hawking etc.) that appear as subjects in their own right in other, smaller works by Nicol. One of most prominent interplays between characters in the painting i

A Sense of Place | Saint Patrick's Day | Manners and customs


A View of Dublin from Chapelizod

With a typically analytical eye and attention to detail, Ashford presents here a fascinating record of Dublin at the very end of the eighteenth century. The vantage point in the Phoenix Park overlooks the man-made weir at Islandbridge, Sarah Bridge and Kilmainham. In the distance

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