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Bronze Age Handling Box

The Bronze Age Handling Box is a resource for teachers to use in the classroom, when teaching about topics relating to the Bronze Age in Ireland. The box contains museum quality replica objects based on archaeological artefacts at the National Museum of Ireland; examples of ra

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Bronze Age Handling Box Board Game

This Bronze Age Board Game is based on the Mizen Peninsula in west Cork, where there is evidence of the use of copper and gold deposits during the Bronze Age. The game centres around copper mining at Mount Gabriel and the journey of a Bronze Age man from his home to the mines to

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Bronze Age Handling Box Microsite

The Bronze Age Handling Box Microsite was developed as an online resource for teachers and others to digital access the Handling Box and to provide additional information on the replica objects and raw materials within the box. The website also contains additional instruction

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Bronze Age Handling Box Resource Book

This resource book accompanies the handing box and other resources and provides information on strategies for teaching and learning about the Bronze Age in Ireland using object based learning strategies.