Irish featherwork binding.

Chester Beatty's collection of bindings from eighteenth-century Europe includes many virtuoso examples. This binding, identified as the work of Edward Beatty, formerly known only as Parliamentary Binder B, is one of the most important Irish bindings to survive from this period. T

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A View of Dublin from Chapelizod

With a typically analytical eye and attention to detail, Ashford presents here a fascinating record of Dublin at the very end of the eighteenth century. The vantage point in the Phoenix Park overlooks the man-made weir at Islandbridge, Sarah Bridge and Kilmainham. In the distance

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Proclamation regarding Papists licensed to bear arms.

"Proclamations were formal public announcements issued by the chief governor and Privy Council of Ireland. They were used to emphasise and enforce existing laws. In this case, the proclamation refers to the Penal Laws, which discriminated against Catholics and Dissenters in

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Rebellion Paper.

The Rebellion Papers are documents relating primarily to the rebellion of 1798 and Robert Emmet’s rising in 1803, which were received by the Chief Secretary’s Office in Dublin Castle. They cover the period 1790–1808 and consist mainly of correspondence and reports on the st

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Book of Survey and Distribution.

The Books of Survey and Distribution outline in detail the transfer of land, largely from Catholic to Protestant, in the second half of the 17th century. Names of pre-1641 owners appear on the left-hand page, those of subsequent owners on the right. This volume mentions the

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View of Cork.

Panoramic view of the city of Cork from Audley Place.

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