Post early for Christmas posters

In order to spread the work of sorting and delivering letters and parcels over a longer period and avoid extreme congestion in the few days immediately before Christmas, the Post Office published advertising posters encouraging the public to "Post early for Christmas". The poster

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The Art of Reading in the Middle Ages - The Hunt Museum

This collection of objects is from the medieval collection of the Hunt Museum which is being published as part of a larger project The Art of Reading in the Middle Ages (ARMA). This European funded project aims to show how medieval reading culture evolved and became a fundamental

Hunt Museum, Limerick

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TII Digital Heritage Collections

TII’s mission is to deliver transport infrastructure and services, which contribute to the quality of life for the people of Ireland and support the country's economic growth. Consideration of archaeology is fully integrated into the national road and light rail scheme planning p

Transport Infrastructure Ireland (TII)

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Photographs of Dublin City Centre after the 1916 Rebellion

This is a collection of 40 photographs taken 17-18 May 1916 by Thomas Johnson Westropp, 1860-1922. Westropp placed them in an album entitled, ‘Ruined buildings in Dublin after the Sinn Fein rebellion, April-May 1916 by Thomas Westropp, photographed May 17th & 18th 1916’, which h

Royal Irish Academy

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The Cathach of Colum Cille

The Cathach of St Columba is the oldest extant Irish illuminated manuscript, dating to c. AD 600. The surviving 58 folios contain psalms 30:10 to 105:13. It is understood that Colum Cille copied the manuscript from a psalter lent to him by St Finnian. A dispute over the ownership

Royal Irish Academy

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Post Office Irish Postage Stamp Collection

Since the formation of the State in 1922 the Irish Post Office, formerly known as the Department of Posts & Telegraphs and now designated An Post, has issued postage stamps as a means of paying for postal and, occasionally, other services provided on behalf of the State. Contempo

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Women's Experiences of Labiaplasty

'Sisters are Doin’ it for Themselves: A Phenomenological Inquiry into the Experience of Labiaplasty' was a doctoral research project conducted at University College Dublin (UCD) from 2013-2017. It was funded by the Irish Research Council Government of Ireland 2015 Postgraduate Sc

Irish Qualitative Data Archive

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