Farmers and their inventions

‘From Knowledge to Invention: exploring user innovation in Irish agriculture’ was a successful doctoral research project conducted at The Open University (UK) from 2012-2016 with funding from Teagasc’s Walsh Fellowship Scheme. The study explored the processes and motivators of fa

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Preparing For Life

Preparing for Life (PFL) is a community-led prevention and early intervention programme that is operated by the Northside Partnership (NSP) in Dublin, Ireland. PFL aims to improve levels of school readiness of young children from several designated disadvantaged areas of North Du

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Patrick English (1894-1970)

Patrick English was born in 1894 and lived at Dunsink Cottages, Castleknock, Dublin. He was employed as a gardener on Lord Holmpatrick’s Estate at Abbotstown. He was a member of Fianna Eireann and the Irish Volunteer Army. He was part of the F. Company, 4th Battalion, Dublin Brig

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2. Archaeological Geophysical Reports

This collection consists of unpublished archaeo-geophysical reports generated in the course of national road and public transport schemes under the auspices of TII. These archaeo-geophysical reports were often undertaken in compliance with the planning conditions for the scheme

Transport Infrastructure Ireland (TII)

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