Dáil Éireann Records 1919-1922 (DE4 collection)

The records of DE4 relate to the proceedings of the First and Second Dáil including session papers (i.e. departmental and committee reports that were submitted in the course of the meetings). This collection contain papers relating to peace negotiations and the Treaty; the Commit

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Dáil Éireann Records 1919-1922 (DE2 collection)

These DE2 records form part of the holdings of the State Paper Office, Dublin Castle to which they were transferred from the Library of Dáil Éireann in the 1960s. The files contain original and copy correspondence, primarily between Diarmuid Ó hÉigeartaigh, Secretary to Dáil Éire

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Documents on Irish Foreign Policy

Documents on Irish Foreign Policy (DIFP) is a public history project for the study of modern Irish history through diplomacy. DIFP aims to make the history of Irish foreign policy accessible to all and promotes public engagement with the history of Ireland’s international relatio

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Gay Sweatshop - Blood Green

In 1980 the London based theatre group Gay Sweatshop performed their play Blood Green in the Granary Theatre in Cork. This was one of the first events organised by the newly established Cork Gay Collective.

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LGBT Workers Rights and Irish Trade Unions

Up until the 1990s the rights of LGBT workers were not protected under Irish legislation. LGBT people frequently experienced prejudice and discrimination in their workplaces. Protecting the rights of LGBT workers and campaigning for legislative changes became a priority of the

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Quay Co-op

The Quay Co-op opened on Sullivan's Quay in Cork in May 1982. The Quay Co-op was established as a Workers’ Co-operative which brought together gay men and lesbians, women’s groups, left-wing organisations, environmental and anti-nuclear groups. The building housed a cafe, booksho

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Anti-Amendment Campaign

Campaign to oppose the proposed amendment to the Irish Constitution in 1983 (referendum which led to the insertion of the Eight Amendment of the Constitution banning abortion in Ireland - this amendment was repealed in 2018)

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