Barracks Square Estate - Whatever Happed to St.Michaels Estate (66 mins) 2017

Barracks Square Estate directed and produced by film maker Joe Lee, is a 66 minute documentary film that presents a story of life as lived in one part of Dublin over the last 200 years at, Richmond Barracks, Keogh Square and St Michael’s Estate, the same place but with different

History | Dublin Housing | 1960s redevelopment Dublin

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Fortunes Wheel - The Life and Legacy of the Fairview Lion Tamer (76 mins) 2015

Fortune’s Wheel is a documentary feature film about Bill Stephens, an ordinary young man in 1950s Ireland with an extraordinary ambition: to become an international circus star. It is also a love story about Bill and his young and beautiful wife Mai, from East Wall. Their double

History of Irish Circus | Duffy’s Circus | Fossett’s Circus

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The Area (25 mins) 2013

The Area is a 25 minute dance film by Rionach Ní Néill and Joe Lee made in collaboration with Ciotog and the Macushla Dance Club for over 50s. People who love to dance. The Area film was funded by the Arts Council and was completed in 2013. The idea for the project initiall

Arnott's Car Park | Dublin Dance Venues 1950s & 1960s | Theatre Royal

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Citywide (13mins) 2011

‘Citywide’ is a 13 minute film made for the Citywide Drugs Crisis Campaign organisation. It describes Citywide’s work and the story behind the drugs crisis in Dublin and Ireland as it evolved from the 1980s to 2011. This film describes the development of the heroin problem in Dub

Drugs Dublin 1960s - 1990s | Opiate abuse Dublin | Pushers Out Dublin

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Bananas On The Breadboard - Stories from the Markets Area Dublin (52 mins) 2010

Bananas on the Breadboard is a 52 minute documentary celebrating life and traditions in the markets area of Dublin’s North West Inner City. Through a series of interviews with local people and location and archive film, the documentary tells stories from the fruit and vegetable m

History Markets Area Dublin | North West Inner City Dublin | Street Trading Dublin

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O’Devany Gardens - Inside Out Outside In (40 mins) 2007

O’Devaney Gardens, is a 40 minute documentary about life and change in O’Devaney Gardens in Dublin’s North West Inner City. With the help of local people , the film tells the story of the area from when it was built in the early 1950s. The film explores the story of many of the o

Teddy boys | King Billy’s Field | Cattle Market

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Dark Room is an 18 minute video installation made as part of the ‘Out of Place’ public art project and exhibition 1999 to 2003 made in collaboration with a local community development project St Michael’s Estate Family Resource Centre and the Irish Museum of Modern Art. The ‘Dark

St. Michael's Estate | individual stories of addiction 1990s St Michael’s Estate | Parents recount stories of their children’s addiction to opiates

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Dreams In The Dark (22 min) 2002

Dreams in the Dark is a 22 minute film which explores the story of St Michaels Estate in the Kilmainham/Inchicore area of Dublin 8. The film takes a detailed look at the various stages of development and decline that St Michaels Estate experienced between the early 1970s through

St Michael’s Estate 1970s 1980s 1990s | St Michael’s Estate Regeneration Project | Keogh Square

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Map of Premises to which this Deed Refers

Map showing location and dimensions of premises on the east side of Harbour Court, between Lower Abbey Street, Sackville Street and Eden Quay. Scale: 40 feet to an inch.Materials: Ink and water colour.


‘27 June our base Khurga at Minitaka Agzi’

Photograph negative taken with the Pamir Triangulation Survey party, April-September 1913, of which Major Richard William George Hingston was a participant. ‘27 June our base Khurga at Minitaka Agzi’

Afghanistan--Description and travel | Pamir Region--Discovery and exploration | Ecological surveys